My name's Ana and I'm sixteen years old.
Running is my passion, its has become a part of me and I couldn't picture my life with out it.

I created this blog to motivate me and hopefully it will do the same for others too.
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except the entire time we would be running he’d be like oh we gotta turn and we’d be turning every 12 seconds and tHAT WOULD DRIVE ME BATSHIT CRAZY

Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead. — Kara Goucher


this is basically the best thing I’ve ever seen

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officialfitspiration:                   OFFICIAL FITSPIRATION!!!



This will be good motivation for the months of January, February, probably March and oh yeah, the rest of December.

Just hopefully not all of April and parts of may like last year!

It must be very hard to run in the snow. I don’t even get snow here in Sydney…tough conditions here include 40deg C weather, and thunderstorms…

"That’s the way our sport is. You train and train, and sometimes you don’t feel like you’re making any progress, and then suddenly you do. You rest a little and suddenly, whoa, you’re up at another level. The body always responds, but sometimes it takes a while. It takes you by surprise."
~ Bill Rodgers
"When you’re on that line, nothing else matters. And you better be thinking about how much you love this. The thrill, the competition, the ability to push yourself beyond what you ever believed you could do. And suddenly you’re racing for your life. And it hurts, you’re tired, but you still love it. And you pull something out of you for that last 200 meters to sprint past that person in front of you. And after you cross the finish line, you leave, knowing, that you left it all out there. That’s what racing is all about. It’s a passion. It’s something to be proud of."

-(via truerunner)


You learn that there are different stages of “tired”. First comes a regular tired, when your heart rate is going up and you want to stop and catch your breath and rest. If you push through that, you enter a comfortable pace and a stage where it feels like you can go forever.

Then your muscles become tired. They complain about every incline. After that your mind starts to go. You can’t remember why you decided to run this far. You wonder why you chose this specific course. You tell yourself that you might not be able to make it. That you’ll fail.

If you push through that, it gets better. Your muscles don’t feel as tired anymore. They’re a little tight, but there’s no pain. Your mind starts to clear and you are only concentrating on one thing: BREATHE. So you just breathe. And push on.


-Vanessa Runs, The Summit Seeker (via runwithrach)